It's September! Get Outdoors!
August 24, 2020

It's September! Get Outdoors!

September. What a month, typically signaling the end of summer and the start of Fall as the nights start to close in and the leaves start to change colour. The best month of the year for me. Starting off with a national holiday, the weather is still great, in fact not too hot and not too cold, some say perfect. It is also likely that this will be the last trip you take before the holiday season comes with the colder weather for most of you reading this which makes it all the more enjoyable. 

So the summer crowds have left, the sun is still shining and giving you plenty of evening light, the kids are back in school and nature is in abundance. What’s not to like about September? Not a lot. Read on to discover some of the Intervine teams favourite September activities.

Labor day Family camping trip.

This is a staple trip most of our team take every year with their families. 3 days trips are great as you have enough time to detach from everything at home and you can travel lighter and don't need to pack too much for a shorter trip. 

It is still light in the evenings but the sun won’t be waking you up at 5am scorching through your tent making you feel like you are sleeping inside the boiler. Lakes and rivers are still enjoyable, lakes in particular will be at their warmest after a good summer of heating up, this is the month where the temperature will start to swing. 

Our favourite destinations for September would be the North East. Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire in particular. Here you will see the first signs of the leaves changing, fall colours everywhere you look. Check out the hikes below to really see nature in its fullest. If you cannot get to the North East don't worry, I am positive your state has some fall treasures. 

Acadia National Park: Bar Harbor, Maine - More info.

One of the country's most-visited national parks has fall sights aplenty, but there are other wonders, too, like South Bubble’s glacial erratic, a rock formation that seemingly clings to the mountain’s edge. For the experienced hiker, there are near-vertical climbs on Champlain Mountain’s Precipice Trail. Woodlands, lakes and beaches. What a trio.

Franconia Ridge Trail: Lincoln, New Hampshire - More info.

Seeing the White Mountains from the highway is one thing; crossing them above the treeline (across an exposed ridgeline with panoramas on either side) is an entirely other. This 8.5-mile loop is popular (it’s a little more than two hours’ drive from Boston, after all) but challenging. Go on a nice day and wear sunscreen; much of the trail is exposed with little shade. Stop at a waterfall on the way down. Test the water before it gets too cold!

Mount Mansfield: Underhill, Vermont - More info.

It’s hard to say what’s prettier: the northern Vermont forest of Mount Mansfield, popularly known as Stowe, or the romantic journey there—think country roads, streams, and covered bridges. Summit via Sunset Ridge, which, mostly above the tree line, practically guarantees views. Once you're up top, look west toward the colors of Lake Champlain. Dreading the hike down? Don't—you can take a chairlift.

Photo by Michael Weidner on Unsplash

Adventure sports.

The team at Intervine have a wide interest in outdoor sports. From Cycling to trail running, to kayaking to surfing and much more. How ironic that September is one of the best months for Adventure sports? 

The trails in the mountains are perfect, hardened by the summer heat but now with cooler air temperatures you can really get into your second wind. You can see some trail racing dates here, no coincidence that the 2 most popular months are September and October. If you are not a racer, don’t panic. Our friends from National Geographic compiled their favourite trails, check it out here. Of course most of these trails will also be superb for Mountain Biking too!

For fall water sports Kayaking and Surfing are great choices. Regardless of which coast you find yourself on, September is a great month to surf, on the East coast there will still be some Hurricane swell, favourable winds and warm waters still. On the West coast you will still be able to enjoy some of the south swells making their way up from the South Pacific ocean. For most board shorts and a jacket or a 3/2 summer suit will be fine. For Kayaking there are endless rivers to explore. It is a great chance to load up a double kayak with a partner and your camping supplies and to disappear for a few days. The water will be warm, the views unreal and disconnection levels at 100%. 

Photo by Adam Kring on Unsplash

Things to do closer to home.

Feeling less energetic? No problem. You have had a great summer, ALL the outdoor activities checked and you want to just enjoy being at home for this great time of year. We understand, we are human. September is a great time to get into the garden and plant those spring bulbs. Ideally you want to have evening temperatures of around 40-50 degrees for the best results but this will depend on what you are planting and where you live. Come March when you start to see the beautiful Tulips, Daffodils, Buttercups and brightening up your garden you will think back to the fond fall evenings in the garden. 

If you are like me and do not have any green fingers, don’t worry. We can take advantage of others' hard work and go U picking! It is prime Apple season across the US is gearing up. This is a great healthy fun way to get outdoors and get yourself some of the freshest fruit around. Check here for your closest U pick location, guide to picking, recipes and more.

Enjoy what your local community offers in September. This may be going to the beach and taking advantage of free or discounted parking. Go walking through the woods with the family. Having lunch al fresco while you still can, picnics are a team favourite here.  

Photo by Natalie Grainger on Unsplash

Thanks for reading, see below for our September tips and our gear guide.

 Intervine’s September tips; 

  • September is a great time to snag a cheap flight or last minute accommodation deals. As the season is coming to an end people are willing to offer great prices. 
  • For those early leaf hoppers, head north where you may find yourself in the company of the first round of falling leaves.
  • Make Smore’s, check out our previous blog on the best recipes including Smore’s here.
  • Typically September marks the end of the ‘season’ for a lot of companies meaning it can be a great time to buy your outdoor adventure gear at a discount. 

 See below for a list of 5 things we never camp without;

 Camping Hammock - The lightest and easiest way to sleep outdoors. Once you ‘Hammocamp’ you will never turn back. ENO are made in the US and unrivalled in quality. 

Headlamp - We have always found a headlamp invaluable camping. Free hands, plenty of light, easy to pack and travel with. 

Knife - The Swiss army knife. We NEVER camp or travel without one of these. Multi use, lightweight and built by the Swiss.

Cooler - When things that should be cold get warm it is not a fun time for anyone. 

Sleeping bag - There are many different climes and ratings for temperature. We recommend a 3 season to keep you warm most of the year.