Critical Items for Your Hurricane Emergency Kit
September 25, 2022

Critical Items for Your Hurricane Emergency Kit

With hurricane season upon us, now is the time to get your emergency kit in order. This kit can be invaluable to you and your family's safety, and the good things is:  you most likely have everything you already need.

You just need to make sure it's all gathered together and ready to go!

Item #1: Non-Perishable Food and Water

The first thing you'll need in your emergency kit is food and water. Hurricanes can knock out power for days or even weeks, so you'll want to have enough non-perishable food and water on hand to last you and your family until the power comes back on. Pack enough food and water for each person in your household for three days.

Item #2: First Aid Kit

Your second item is a first aid kit. This is important because injuries are more likely to occur during a hurricane, whether it's from flying debris, car accidents or flooding. A first aid kit will help you be prepared to deal with minor injuries until professional medical help is available. Make sure your first aid kit is stocked with bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, pain reliever, and any other items you might need.

Item #3: Flashlight, Lantern and Batteries

Your third item is a flashlight for each member of your household along with a lantern for each room and extra batteries. Hurricanes often knock out power, leaving you in the dark. A flashlight will help you navigate your home in the dark and signal for help if needed. The lanterns will make sure that you have critical, hands-free light when needed. Be sure to pack extra batteries as well so that your flashlight doesn't run out of power when you need it most.

Need some recommendations on what types to get?  How about the Monster LED Camping Lantern, the Sentinel 2.0 Flashlight, and the High Capacity D Batteries.

Item #4: Whistle

Your fourth item is a whistle. This might seem like an odd item to include in an emergency kit, but it can actually be quite useful. If you're stuck in your home after a hurricane and need to signal for help, a whistle will be much louder than shouting and will help rescuers find you faster.

Item #5: Portable Charger for Phone

In the event you are without power for an extended period of time, your cell phone might be the only way of communicating with the outside world. And  while they are great to have, they are only good if you have a portable charger to keep them powered.  We recommend the Internova Rechargeable Camping Lantern & Power Bank, as it can double as a lantern and cell phone charger.

Item #6: Cash

The fifth and final item you'll need in your emergency kit before a hurricane is cash. ATMs won't be working if the power is out, so it's important to have cash on hand in case you need to buy supplies or evacuate. Get enough cash to cover expenses for three days in small denominations so that it's easy to spend.

Item #7:  Important Documents

In the event your home is flooded or destroyed, you will want to make sure that you have secured some of your most important documents. These should include medical documents, wills, passports, and personal identification.


A hurricane can be a devastating event, but being prepared can make all the difference. By packing an emergency kit well in advance, you can rest assured that you and your family will have the critical supplies you need until help arrives.