Intervine 2020 Fall product showcase.
October 12, 2020

Intervine 2020 Fall product showcase.

The Intervine team are consistently improving and extending their product range and we wanted to share with you some of our favourite gear, give you some examples of how we have used them to their full potential and their features and benefits. 

All of the featured products have a lot more power than your average torch with cerca 100 lumens (Click here to learn more about lumens). Our Flashlights, Head lamps and Lanterns are either rechargeable or can be used with our High Performance Batteries meaning they are doing their bit for the environment more than most of our competitors products. Add in our 5 year warranty* and our No Questions Asked Return Policy for the icing on the cake. 

Let us light the way for you…



The Guardian 1300XL is Intervine's Best-Selling Professional Series Tactical LED Flashlight and combines cutting-edge LED lighting technology with unsurpassed performance and durability. Whatever your needs, from an outdoor rookies to seasoned professionals or even someone who simply wants the best flashlight on the market for adhoc use. Look no further than The Guardian. 

Let’s focus on the brightness of this class leading Flashlight. The Guardian 1300XL has been tested to provide light for over 300 yards, that’s almost 3 football fields. Yes, 3 football fields of illumination from a pocket sized flashlight. Unheard of.

Tough, durable and water resistant (IPX4 rated) and good for the environment with the 2x rechargeable Lithium 18650 Batteries + Charger it comes with creating hours of illumination in any situation. Also included is a 3 x AAA adapter to run the flashlight should you have exhausted both the rechargeable batteries. The Guardian has you covered. 

We believe there should not be a home without one of these in it... 



This pocket sized Lantern has some real power. Coming in 3 different colours this little guy packs over 180 lumens! That is over 300% brighter than the competition's offering of only 60 lumens per lantern. 

With the built in clip and rechargeable battery this is a really versatile Lantern. I like to have one of these in the car as you can clip it to things to enable you to have your hands free like the hood or trunk. It is also a great option for Camping and Scouting and won the Best Scouting Gear Gift award in 2015. It easily clips it to the roof of your tent to enable you to illuminate your tent or clip it to some trees to pitch your tent in the dark. We have all been there with a traditional flashlight in your mouth. Now you can pitch in the dark without jaw lock or blinding yourself. 

It has 5 brightness settings and has been tested to survive 5 hours of illumination before needing to be recharged thanks to the built in 1800mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery which easily charges using any USB computer or phone charger. Cable included. 


The Internova Junior Monster is a mid-sized lantern that packs a powerful punch. Perfect for clipping to your backpack, you won't be afraid of the dark with this handy little lantern by your side.

With 300 lumens this Lantern really leads the competition in brightness. The 5 hour battery life produces non-stop ARC LED light giving a more natural type of lighting which is great for reading and having as an ‘inside light’. 

What really sets this Lantern apart from others is that you can adjust the amount of light it emits by sliding it up and down. This means you can preserve the battery if on a hike or dim the light around a campfire etc. This product uses 4 AA batteries and works best with our High Performance batteries


Last but most definitely not least on the featured Lanterns is the 1000XL. This is the beacon and powerhouse of our Lantern range. 

The 1000XL is one-of-a-kind. This rechargeable camping lantern and combined power bank brings true, fully adjustable 360 degree Arc LED lighting to your home, outdoor adventure or construction site. With 1000 lumens of extreme brightness, you can turn the night into day or use the built-in dimming feature to lower it to the perfect level for any occasion, mood or need.

If your cell phone or tablet is dead, plug into the built-in power bank to recharge and stay connected. The rechargeable 2000mAh battery provides 70 hours, that's right, almost 3 days of service making it the most powerful Lantern on the market. 

Unlike any other camping lantern the 1000XL is built to weather the elements. Rugged terrain or rain is no match for this lantern. Designed for stability and water-resistance, the sturdy, rubber and plastic molded base can handle slippery, uneven surfaces.

All of the above and it weighs just over 1lb. Incredible. 



No camper or hiker should ever leave the house without our Star Rider XL head lamp. It is, simply put, a camping essential. Or if you are like our team, simply essential. 

From hiking at night, cycling, or doing anything in the dark where it is beneficial to have your hands free the Star Rider XL is the tool to have. 

With the adjustable headband it will fit comfortably onto a helmet, over a hat or simply on your head providing a true one size fits all option. The adjustable LED Head for directional hands free lighting coverage is a great feature also if you are working on something. With 4 brightness options including a red light for night reading is a great benefit to have. 

This head lamp uses 3 AAA batteries giving hours of light and remaining at a class leading weight. We recommend you use our High Performance Batteries.