Intervine's Tips for a Successful Night Hike
October 27, 2020

Intervine's Tips for a Successful Night Hike

We are approaching that time of year, it's dark in the mornings and it's dark in the evenings. Some of you will be going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. With just a few precious hours of sunlight on offer, mostly just light let's be honest, at the weekends our team at Intervine wanted to brighten some of the gloom and make sure you get the most out of your days, even if that means in the dark!

With night hiking becoming ever more popular across the board from extremists to families what are you waiting for? Technology now is better than ever before, flashlights, lanterns and headlamps are lighter and brighter than ever before, unless of course you are yet to purchase an Intervine product. 


Leave well be before dark - We always recommend starting your journey in the light and where possible reaching the halfway point before it gets too dark. This gives you a chance to learn the route a little giving you that extra edge on the way back in the dark. 

Go with a group or a friend - Do not go alone, this way you can ensure your safety in numbers as well as share your new exciting experience with others. This is also beneficial if anyone's equipment fails, if your flashlight fails your companion or group will get you home safely. Probably worth mentioning to tell a few people where you will be going and a rough timeline for your hike. 

Make sure you have enough warm clothing - We have all been there on both sides of the fence. You wrap up warm and go for a hike, 20 minutes in you have a jumper around your waist and a coat under your arm as your body temperature rises. The other side to this is once the sun goes down and your pace drops, so will your body temperature. 

Take your time - Enjoy your time in the wilderness/outdoors. You will probably find that you see more on a night hike. Sounds odd right? Think about how much more you will be concentrating and moving slower than you normally would. 

Red light - We love the redlight feature on some of our products like the STAR RIDER XL LED camping and emergency headlight. They are not just for reading, they emit less light meaning your eyes become less sensitive. This will actually result in you seeing more than if you had your light device on full power.

Cell Phone - Make sure at least one of your party has a fully charged cell phone just in case something unsavory happens and you need to contact emergency services. Ensure to have spare batteries if you’re not using a rechargeable device like our Guardian 1300XL rechargeable tactical flashlight or the INTERNOVA 1000XL rechargeable camping lantern and powerbank for the best of all worlds. 

There are so many benefits of night hikes it would take until Spring to list them all but as per the photo below, anyone who enjoys being outdoors and feels a little trapped in by the winter gloom now you have light at the end of the tunnel…

Top 5 things we never night hike without;

Headlamp - We have always found a headlamp invaluable nighthiking. Free hands, plenty of light, easy to pack and travel with. 

Knife - The Swiss army knife. We NEVER camp or travel without one of these. Multi use, lightweight and built by the Swiss.

OS Maps - While we all love and rely on technology, night hiking is not the time to lose your GPS or not have data for a minute. 

Water Canteen - Depending on the hike we recommend you take at least 40oz of drinking water with you, more if you can. It may be chilly but your body is still using water. 

Snacks - Something small, lightweight with a long release of energy. We LOVE a Clif bar here at Intervine.