5 Convenient Spots to Store Flashlights in Case of an At-Home Emergency
July 23, 2021

5 Convenient Spots to Store Flashlights in Case of an At-Home Emergency

No one wants to be caught unprepared during an unexpected weather event or emergency. It’s important to do what you can to make you and your family are safe, and an easy way to accomplish this is by making sure you have quick and convenient access to flashlights throughout your home. 

You may be wondering How many flashlights does one family really need? The answer just might surprise you, so today we’ll be sharing the top 5 places to keep flashlights in your home to make sure you and the ones you love are prepared should the unexpected happen.

Bedroom Nightstand

Those unidentifiable bumps in the night can be unsettling and are infinitely creepier when they happen during a power outage. Having a flashlight that is easily accessible when you’re in bed is a good idea. Most people have a bedside nightstand or side table with a drawer where they can store a flashlight. If you are without a table, just sit the flashlight on the floor next to your head or tuck it under the bed so it is out of sight but still within reach. Keep a flashlight in every bedroom so family members are equally prepared.

Near the Doors of Your Home

Flashlights are useful beyond power outages. Sometimes strange noises cause you to look outside, but you may have trouble identifying the source if it’s nighttime and your property is poorly lit. 

Keeping a flashlight near all doors allows you to scan your property from the safety of your home.

In Your Shed or Garage

The unexpected can happen at any time. If you are working in a detached shed or garage when the power goes out, you’ll want a flashlight handy to make sure you can get back to the house safely. Even if they power stays on, you’ll appreciate having an extra light source close by to use when you’re working on your car or other projects.

(Hint: Our lanterns are great for this as they provide an excellent light source during emergencies and are perfect for producing a wide swath of ambient light while you work. The fact that they can hang from your car hood is just icing on the cake!)

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is often the hub of the household, so it’s likely you could be there when the power goes out. Keep a flashlight in the family junk drawer (we know you have one…don’t try to deny it) so you have easy access to a light source in one of the high-traffic areas of your home.

In Your Cars

Though technically not an area of your home, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the importance of keeping flashlights in every car you own. You never know when or where a car might break down, and if it happens late at night in a remote area, you’ll be singing our praises for mentioning it…you’re welcome.

Remember to change the batteries out in your flashlights regularly—every 3 or 4 months—to ensure they’re in proper working order when you need them. Keeping fully charged flashlights throughout your home will ensure you won’t be caught in the dark, groping around for a light you may never find.

Three cheers for flashlight preparedness!h