Supernova Micro Elite 120EQ Help



Important Note

Your Micro Elite 120EQ came fully loaded with batteries already installed!  However, you will need to open your flashlight and remove the small protective battery seal that keeps your batteries safe and fresh prior to use.  Please see “Battery Installation” for instructions on opening the Micro Elite 120EQ.

Powering On

Fully depress the black power button on the end of the flashlight to turn on/off.  The Micro Elite’s BrightStart TM technology will always bring the flashlight back to the brightest mode when powered on.

Cycling Through Lighting Modes

The Micro Elite has three different lighting modes available:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Strobe

To cycle through the various modes, you simply perform a “soft touch” of the power button by gently depressing it halfway down while the flashlight is on.  Each soft touch will cycle to the next mode.

Battery Installation

  •  Reminder: Be sure to remove the small protective battery seal prior to first use.
  •  Remove the base cap containing the On/Off switch by rotating it counterclockwise
  •  Insert one AA battery with the positive (+) end going in first
  •  Replace and tighten the base cap by turning it clockwise