Supernova Halo 150 Help


Pressing the on/off button located on the base of the Halo 150 will cycle through all

of the available modes:

  • On – Green/Red Battery Status Indicator
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Slow Pulse
  • Fast/Emergency Pulse
  • Off


Battery Installation

Twist the base of the Halo 150 off and insert 3 AAA Alkaline batteries into their correct position. Twist the base back on turning the opposite direction.

Base Hook

Your Halo 150 comes equipped with a retractable base hook that can be used to hang the lantern practically anywhere overhead (such as in a tent or from a tree branch). Simply extend the base hook and hang the lantern through the spring loaded section of the base hook.

Magnetic Base

The base of your Halo 150 also includes a powerful magnet that allows you to place it on any sturdy metal object or refrigerator.