Supernova Guardian 1300XL-Z Help


The Guardian 1300XL-Z ™ should never be operated by children unless under the close supervision of an adult. This is a high powered tactical flashlight that has the capability to temporarily blind or cause permanent visual damage and should be treated as such.

Never point the Guardian’s light directly into anyone’s eyes (including yourself) unless the desired effect is to cause visual impairment. For more on this, please see the previous paragraph.


Prior to first use, the Lithium Ion battery will need to be installed and fully charged

Installing/Replacing the Battery

- Remove the battery cap/power button by rotating it c counter-clockwise

- Insert the Lithium Ion Battery (positive end first) - Replace the battery cap/power button Charging the Lithium Ion Battery

- Prior to inserting the USB plug into your Guardian, it's important that your first turn the Guardian ON by pressing it's power button. The USB circuitry in the Guardian will only allow it to be charged with the power button in the ON position and is the most common problem when trying to charge the battery.

- Once the power button is on, reveal the micro USB charging port by twisting the port cover counter clocwise and gently insert the USB cable until the Guardian's LED light turns off (indicating it is charging). The small battery charge indicator oppo- site the charging port will go from red to green once charging is complete.


Your Guardian 1300XL-Z ™ is equipped with our exclusive BrightStart technology.This means that once it has been turned completely off, pressing the power button again will return the flashlight to its highest possible lumens output based upon the available remaining power, regardless of which mode the flashlight was operating in when it was turned off.

Powering On

In order to turn the flashlight on or off, fully depress and release the flashlight’s green tactical switch or remote pressure switch.

Cycling Through Available Modes

Once on, gently pressing the green tactical switch or remote pressure switch will allow you to cycle through all available modes:

- High

- Medium

- Low

- Strobe – Warning: This mode can cause disorientation,visual impairment, and nausea and should be used with discretion.


Using The Zoom Focus Lens

By pulling back or pushing forward on the lens head you can either increase or decrease the focus range of the flashlight.

Using the Optional Remote Pressure Switch

Your Guardian comes equipped with a Remote Pressure Switch for use when the Guardian is mounted on a weapon. To use, simply remove the tactical power button (by rotating counter clockwise) and replace with the remote pressure switch. The remote pressure switch operates the same as the tactical power button, but allows you to use the Guardian silently and with minimal movement of your weapon.

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