Supernova Guardian 1300XL Help


The Guardian 1300XL ™ should never be operated by children unless under the close supervision of an adult. This is a high powered tactical flashlight that has the capability to temporarily blind or cause permanent visual damage and should be treated as such.

Never point the Guardian’s light directly into anyone’s eyes (including yourself) unless the desired effect is to cause visual impairment. For more on this, please see the previous paragraph.


The Guardian 1300XL ™ is capable of operating with either 3 AAA alkaline batteries (included along with a conversion case) or with the high capacity Lithium Ion 18650 rechargeable battery (included). We highly recommend using the Lithium Ion battery in order to obtain the maximum brightness and operating time, and using the 3 AAA batteries and conversion case when the Lithium Ion battery requires charging.

Charging the Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

Prior to first use, the Lithium Ion battery should be fully charged by using the included charger. You charge the Lithium Ion battery by removing it from its plastic sleeve and inserting it into the battery charger. The LED indicator on the charger will show orange while being charged, and green when the battery has reached its maximum charge. Unlike many other rechargeable batteries, there is no need to periodically discharge the battery in order to maintain its memory and effectiveness.


Battery Installation: AAA Alkaline with Conversion Case

Your Guardian 1300XL ™ comes with a AAA battery conversion case already installed. To insert the AAA batteries into it, please follow the following instructions:

  • Remove the flashlight battery cap by turning counter clockwise.
  • Slide out the AAA conversion case and insert 3 AAA batteries onto it using the polarity markers on the bottom. 
  • Slide the conversion case back into the flashlight (the arrow on the conversion case will tell you which side goes in first) and replace the flashlight’s battery cap.

Battery Installation: Lithium Ion Rechargeable

In order to use your Lithium Ion battery:

  • Prior to installing the Lithium Ion battery, you will need to first place it back into its plastic sleeve. This has been specifically designed to minimize any movement of the battery while in the flashlight.
  • Remove the AAA battery conversion case following the instructions above, replace it with the Lithium Ion battery and plastic sleeve, and replace the flashlight’s battery cap.


Your Guardian 1300XL ™ is equipped with our exclusive BrightStart technology.This means that once it has been turned completely off, pressing the power button again will return the flashlight to its highest possible lumens output based upon the available remaining power, regardless of which mode the flashlight was operating in when it was turned off.

Powering On

In order to turn the flashlight on or off, fully depress and release the flashlight’s green tactical switch or tailswitch.

Cycling Through Available Modes

Once on, gently pressing the green tactical switch or pressure switch (tail-switch) will allow you to cycle through all available mode:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Strobe– Warning: This mode can cause disorientation,visual impairment, and nausea and   should be used with discretion.
  • SOS