Supernova 350XL Help


Important Note

Depending on your version, some Supernova 350XL's come fully loaded with batteries already installed! However, you will need to open the bottom of the lantern and remove the small protective battery seal that keeps your batteries safe and fresh prior to use. Please see “Battery Installation” for instructions on opening the Supernova 350XL™.

Powering On

The Supernova 350XL™ comes with one power button that is used to power the lantern on/off as well as cycle through all available modes. In order to turn the Supernova 350XL™ on, fully depress and release the solitary button in the middle of the lantern.

Cycling Through Lighting Modes

Once on, pressing the button again will allow you to cycle through each of the lantern’s modes:

• Low
• High
• Strobe - primarily for use as an emergency beacon

Powering Off

After you have cycled through each of the modes, pressing the button again will turn the lantern off.

Battery Installation

Depending on the version you have purchased, prior to operating, you may need to install 3 D size batteries into the base of the lantern. The Supernova 350XL™ utilizes a triple sealed design to help reduce the chances for any type of moisture or humidity to enter the battery chamber. In order to properly install the batteries and ensure that the seal is in place, please follow these simple instructions:

1) Twist off the rubberized base cap by rotating it counter clockwise

2)  Install 3 D size batteries as shown, making sure that the positive and negative ends are inserted correctly.

3)  Using the red arrows on both the base and the base cap as guides, carefully align both arrows so that  the tab on the base will slide into the corresponding tab on the base cap.

4) Once the arrows and tabs are lined up, you will be able to push down on the base cap and firmly rotate clockwise until it locks into position.

Additional Features

Your Supernova 350XL™ comes with additional features that greatly enhance its capabilities.

• Removable Top – Our specially designed convex reflector cap helps to ensure an optimal 360 degree disbursement of the lantern’s light for normal use.  For a more focused light or better coverage when using the Integrated Base Hook (see below), the lantern’s top can be removed by turning it counterclockwise.

• Integrated Base Hook –Your Supernova 350XL™ can also be hung overhead by utilizing the integrated base hook.  To open it, turn your lantern upside down, grab the curved end of the green hook, and firmly lift upward until it swivels into its open position.

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