Limited Edition Bonus Star Rider

Thank You Offer for Limited Edition Customers Only

Thank you for your support in launching our new Limited Edition product! We really hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing your thoughts on your purchase.

But...we didn't want the fun to stop just yet!

In addition to the super crazy introductory price you got on the Limited Edition product you already got, we'd also like to offer you an extra special thank you for helping us with our launch (Shhhh....this offer is for Limited Edition customers only)!

Limited Edition Customer *FREE* Bonus

As a buyer of one of our Limited Edition products, we'd love to send you a


Star Rider XL Camping & Emergency Headlight

This headlight is stunningly bright. With an easy-to-use, one-touch mode button, it is road and rain tested to make sure you can use it in any type of environment.


This is yours FREE

with no catches.

To get this bonus, all you need to do is fill out your name, email, and Amazon Order ID (it will be on the confirmation email you got from Amazon when you ordered the Limited Edition product) and hit the "Get My Bonus" button. We will follow-up with an email to you confirming your shipping address. Once we hear back from you telling us where to ship your FREE Star Rider, you will receive your package in 5-7 business days. It's that easy!

P.S. We have to ask for the Amazon Order ID in order to verify that you are one of the few customers who got our Limited Edition product. ;)

The Star Rider.

Want to know more about this amazing headlight? You can check out it's full specs below.


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