Internova™ Star Rider XL™ Headlamp Help

Thank you for purchasing the Star Rider XLTM ! We have designed it to be incredibly bright, long lasting, and simple to use.  Please follow the instructions below to get the most out of your headlamp and should you ever have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Battery Installation

  • Open the plastic battery holder on the back of the adjustable headband by pulling up on the extended lip.
  • Install 3 AAA size batteries making sure that the positive and negative ends are inserted correctly as indicated on the lantern.
  • Close the plastic battery holder by pushing down on the extended lip to lock into place.

Headlamp Operation

The Star Rider XLTM comes with one power button that is used to power the headlamp on/off as well as cycle through all available modes.

Powering On

To turn on the Star Rider XLTM , simply press and release the rectangular button on the top of the headlamp.

Cycling Through All Modes

Once on, pressing the power button again will allow you to cycle through each of the headlamp’s modes:

- High

- Low

- Red

- Flashing Red

Powering Off

After you have cycled through each mode, you can turn the headlamp off by pressing the power button again.

Adjusting The Headlamp

To adjust the angle of the light simply pull down on the headlamp casing. Push back up to return to starting position.


Should you have any problems or questions, please feel free to check out our helpful videos and tips at  You can also reach us directly at and we will help take care of your problems as quickly as possible!

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