Internova Monster LED Camping Lantern Instructions and Help

We have designed your Monster LED Camping Lantern to be incredibly bright, long-lasting, and simple to use. Please follow the instructions below to get the most out of your lantern; and should you ever have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Battery installation

  1. Remove the rubberized base cap on the bottom by rotating it counter-clockwise and pulling it out. Having a hard time getting it to open? Click here to check out the tip at the bottom of the page for making it easier!
  2. Install 4 D size batteries, making sure that the positive and negative ends are inserted correctly as indicated on the lantern.
  3. Replace the rubberized base cap by aligning the guide post to the corresponding slot on the battery compartment, sliding the post into the slot, and then twisting the base cap clockwise while pushing down to lock into place.

Lantern Operation

The Monster LED Lantern comes with one power button that is used to power the lantern on/off as well as cycle through all available modes.

Powering On

To turn on the Monster LED Lantern, simply press and release the round button in the middle of the lantern.

Cycling Through All Modes

With four modes to choose from, the Monster LED Lantern is the only lantern of its kind to offer a dimmer mode.

Mode 1 - Pressing the power button once puts the lantern into the LOW mode.

Mode 2 - To access HIGH with DIMMER mode, from the LOW mode press and hold power button (if you fail to press and hold the power button from the LOW mode, the lantern will skip the HIGH with DIMMER mode and proceed directly to the RED mode). Continue to hold to reach peak brightness. You will see the bulb flash indicating the lantern has reached maximum brightness. If you continue to hold, the bulb will begin to decrease in brightness and continue to the bulb’s lowest brightness. When the bulb has reached the lowest brightness, it will flash again. At any point while dimming, you can let go of the power button to maintain your preferred brightness.

Mode 3 - From the HIGH with DIMMER mode, Press the power button once to access the RED mode (alternately, if you fail to press and hold the power button from the LOW mode, the lantern will skip the HIGH with DIMMER mode and proceed directly to the RED mode).

Mode 4 - From the RED mode, press the power button once to access the RED SOS mode.

Powering Off

To turn off the Monster LED Lantern, cycle through modes 1-4, you can press the power once from mode 4 (RED SOS) to turn lantern off.


Your Monster LED Lantern comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. To activate warranty, go to, fill in your product information, and submit.  Additional warranty information can be found here.

Help! I can't get the base to twist off!

If you are having a hard time getting the base cap to twist off and install the batteries, never fear!  This is totally normal the very first time batteries are installed due to the exceptionally tight seal your lantern has been designed with in order to keep the elements out of the battery compartment.

So, how do you open it then?

Well, the answer is kinda crazily simple:  warm it up!

By simply setting your lantern in a warm place, such as in the sunlight or on your heating vent, this allows the base to relax a bit and makes opening it up much easier.

And keep in mind that this only happens the first time that seal is broken and shouldn't be an issue ever again.


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