5 Ways Camping Promotes Family Bonding
September 22, 2021

5 Ways Camping Promotes Family Bonding

Many of us enjoy packing up and camping in the great outdoors, but the idea of bringing the entire family along can sometimes feel intimidating.

The truth is camping is an excellent recreational activity—and kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from it. We’ve gathered 5 ways camping with the fam can forge deep, meaningful bonds…and who doesn’t want that?

It Sort of Forces You to Spend Quality Time Together

Let’s be honest—we’re all addicted to electronics. Can you remember the last time you and your family members willingly set down phones, tablets, and gaming devices for any length of time?

When camping, leave the electronics at home. Yes, it will be painful at first. Yes, it may take a few hours to get used to the idea. But you’ll be amazed at the conversations that will take place. And the time you spend around the campfire telling stories will become some of your sweetest memories once the trip is over.

It’s Perfect for Multi-Generational Fun

Camping allows extended family members to get in on the fun. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles can come along and have a great time!

If you have relatives who can no longer camp in tents, reserve space at a campground that has cabin rentals or RV pads available.

Spending time outdoors with extended family is a wonderful way to get kids to engage with family members they may not see very often.

It Allows You to Make Discoveries Together

There’s nothing better than exploring a new park or campground together. Experiencing the local scenery and visiting scenic park locations can build bonds with those exploring alongside you.

Same goes for watching wildlife…spending time together searching for a particular species can make you feel as if you’ve uncovered a hidden treasure once you find your prize.

You Learn New Skills Together

Setting up camp, learning to cook over a fire, and general camping safety are all skills that must be learned. If you are a skilled camper/hiker, family trips give you the opportunity to pass your knowledge on to the next generation.

If camping is new to you and your family, you get to enjoy the benefit of learning such skills together. (A tip: if your family trip will be a first for everyone, take time practicing setting up your new tent at home before you get out to the campground. There can be a bit of learning curve with tent setup, and the last thing you want is to be chasing daylight on your first night in camp, trying to set up an unfamiliar tent.)

You Get to Enjoy Physical Activity Together

Camping and hiking are great ways for the family to exercise together. Go for a rigorous hike. Take a swim in a nearby lake. Bring plenty of games to play (click here to read our post about great games to play while camping). The more you do together, the more memories you’ll make…and the better everyone will sleep at night.

And there you have it—five reasons your family needs to go on a camping adventure. We think you’ll find it is one of the most fun (and economical!) family vacations you ever take.

Here’s to building bonds with those you love in the great outdoors!



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