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Product Description

The Master Leather Craftsman's Secret to Protecting and Restoring Your Treasured Leather Items

Leather Afterlife will bring your leather goods back to life and ensure that all of your new items stay vibrant and alive.

Whatever your leather need, Leather Afterlife is the number one choice of craftsman nationwide

✔ Protects from all forms of weather and abuse

✔ Conditions into a soft, supple feel that is as good to look at as it is to touch

✔ Brings aging leather back from the dead

✔ Restores to near new condition

✔ Contains only the finest, non-toxic ingredients available

✔ Perfectly blended together in small batches to ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency

Time Tested. Time Proven.

Leather Afterlife is the number one choice of leather artisans and craftsman who want to ensure that their leather items receive the best care possible and last for years to come. Now that Leather Afterlife is available commercially, everyone can benefit from its time tested and time proven capabilities.

For use on practically any type of leather

- Boots

- Purses

- Jackets

- Saddles

- Car Interiors

- Bicycle Seats

- Furniture

- Sporting Goods

- Not for use on suede/nubuck

100% Satisfaction Guarantee with our no questions asked refund policy. Prior to use on any leather item or coated leather, always check manufacturer labels for any additional instructions.

Small batches ensure quality and consistency, but result in limited quantities available for public sale

Protect your investment and bring all of your treasured leather items back to life by ordering today!