Furniture Afterlife - Professional Wood Polish & Conditioner




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Product Description

From the trusted Makers of Leather Afterlife comes Furniture Afterlife, the finest all natural furniture polish available.

✔ Removes the layers of dust and dirt that harm your furniture's health and appearance.

✔ Restores the natural beauty and essential oils that all fine wood loses over time.

✔ Polishes and leaves a protective coat to help repel dust and dirt from your treasured items.

✔ Enhances the natural beauty of both soft and hard woods.

✔ Our proprietary Summer Citrus scent has been developed using the cleaning and restoring powers of all natural citrus fruits. Contains both orange & lemon oils.


As with all of our products, Furniture Afterlife comes with a full Money Back Guarantee and our No Questions Asked Return Policy, so you can rest assured that there is absolutely no risk to you. Try out Furniture Afterlife today and give your furniture a little Afterlife