Top 5 Camping Spots To Enjoy in the Fall

September 10, 2020

Top 5 Camping Spots To Enjoy in the Fall

For this week's blog we would like to focus on the 5 best places to camp in Fall. We touched on the last blog (read here) why camping on Labour day can be great, which it is, however we focussed mainly on New England and the renowned colors of the fallen leaves. Now we would like to share with you some of our favorite spots to camp during the Fall months outside of New England. Whether you are a one man wilderness expert leaving the 1st world behind or a retired RV owner looking to snap some fallen leaves and camp somewhere pleasant, we have you covered…

Number 1 - Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina. 

This 500,000 acre forest (roughly 380k football fields) is made up of deep vegetation, mile high peaks including Mount Mitchell (the highest peak East of the Mississippi) and waterfalls a plenty. You can camp ANYWHERE within the forest so long as you are more than 500ft from a road. Check out the summit of Black Balsam Knob for a 360 degree once in a lifetime fall view.

For the less hearty wild camper, head over to Davidson River Recreation Area for some amenities and close access to fishing spots, hiking trails, waterfalls and of course the river.  Camping pitches here run from $22-$44 a night and you can book here. A more general overview of the park can be found here.

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Number 2 - Delaware Seashore State Park, Delaware. 

This unique State park offers something you will struggle to find elsewhere in the world. Top class camping with the Atlantic on one side and the Rehoboth bay and Indian river on the other. Here you can camp steps from the shores of your chosen waterway. Popular options to pass the time include; crabbing, clamming, surfing, sailboarding, fishing and lounging along the beach. Open to wild campers through to RV owners this state park really is a one off. 

You can find your campsite here along with more information on how to get there etc. Tent pitches run at around $25 a night, RV pitches with hook up are around $40 at the time of writing. 

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Number 3 - St. Andrews State Park, Florida

This is one of the most naturally beautiful state parks in Florida. St Andrews is a haven of beaches, woodland and peace. There are almost 180 campsites to choose from making it really easy to get away and disconnect (read our previous blog on the importance of this here). We recommend a day trip to Shell Island to experience the wilderness of open long sandy untouched beaches, you can find out how to get there here. This park is associated with watersports, fishing, cycling and hiking. 

You can book a tent pitch here. Prices for a pitch are around $28 and this can be a tent or an RV!

Photo by Dylan Taylor on Unsplash

Number 4 - Desolation Wilderness, California

The most aptly named park on our list. With almost 64k acres of Granite peaks, forests, lakes and glacier made valleys. It is as visually stunning as it is large. This spot is suited for RV’s as well as your hike loving camper. With all the space here the main attraction is certainly exploring the wilderness, this can be done on foot or via horse. For our equestrian fans have a look here for more information. Do not forget your camera…

You can arrange a stay here. Prices vary for camping here as there are so many choices, there are park fees to be considered also. 

Photo by Will Swann on Unsplash

Number 5 - Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee

Last but not least. The well titled Fall Creek Falls state park is a Fall delight mirroring much of those famed New England states with wonderful colors. This park's focal point has to be the 256ft high waterfall however with over 220 campsites it is a great option to spend some time outdoors. The 30 plus miles of walking trails, littered with views and sights you will not forget, is a great place to do this. 

You can reserve a spot here. At the time of writing you can have a pitch for a tent or RV for $34 on the campground D which is closest to the falls. 

See below for a list of 5 things we never camp without;

Camping Hammock - The lightest and easiest way to sleep outdoors. Once you ‘Hammocamp’ you will never turn back. ENO are made in the US and unrivalled in quality. 

Headlamp - We have always found a headlamp invaluable camping. Free hands, plenty of light, easy to pack and travel with. 

Knife - The Swiss army knife. We NEVER camp or travel without one of these. Multi use, lightweight and built by the Swiss.

Cooler - When things that should be cold get warm it is not a fun time for anyone. 

Sleeping bag - There are many different climes and ratings for temperature. We recommend a 3 season to keep you warm most of the year. 

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