5 Valentines Gift Ideas for the Adventurer in Your Life

February 12, 2021

5 Valentines Gift Ideas for the Adventurer in Your Life

It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is here!! If your heart has been stolen by someone who loves enjoying the great outdoors, check out our list of unique and outdoor-focused gift ideas that are sure to score you major points on the day reserved for love. We’re willing to bet your special someone will appreciate something other than flowers and chocolates this year.

Enso Ring, $29

Have you jumped on the silicone ring trend? We’ve been seeing these everywhere recently—at the gym, in the office, and out on the trail. These soft but rugged rings allow you show off the fact that you’re attached, while keeping your fingers safe from injury.

While we’re loving this new Valentines-inspired ruby color, the rings are also available in more understated shades…if that’s your thing.

Loveseat Style Double Camping Chair, $41

What could be more romantic than curling up next to your favorite person, at your favorite getaway spot, and watching the stars wink on in a vast expanse of sky? 

This folding loveseat packs up like a regular camp chair and is easy to transport to any stargazing location. We think your special someone will fall in love with this sweet seat.

Internova 1000LED Camping Lantern, $39.95

Speaking of star gazing, once your celestial watch part is over you’ll need plenty of light to get safely back to your tent or car. Allow me to introduce you to the Internova Camping Lantern, the only lantern you’ll ever need!

What I love most is the adjustability—whether you need all 1000 lumens or the tiniest bit of mood lighting. There’s even a high-tech red LED option that is perfect for stargazing, allowing you to see without contributing light pollution that can hinder your view.

Brümate Winesulator 25oz Wine Canteen, $30

Can I be honest? The minute I saw “wine canteen” I threw this beauty into my cart.

Not only does it hold an entire bottle of wine, it will keep your vino at the perfect temperature for 24 hours. I suppose it would work equally well keeping other beverages delightfully chilled but, being a purist, mine is for the exclusive holding of grape juice.

SubPar Parks 8 x 10 Print, $16

Do yourself a favor and click through these illustrations created by designer Amber Share who hilariously immortalizes actual one-star reviews people have given various national parks.

Some of the complaints are beyond absurd (when reviewing Bryce Canyon, a disgruntled visitor groused, “Too orange…too spiky”). Shares’ list of immortalized parks is impressive, so she’s likely created one for a park you and your beloved love.

So, there you have it—five options perfect for the outdoor lover in your life. And, if there is no current significant other on your radar, don’t miss the opportunity to let those you love—be they friends or family—know just how much you appreciate them.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers, friends. It’s for everyone with a heart. Go out and share yours with those you care about.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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