4 Fantastically Fun Fall Ways to Enjoy the Changing Seasons

October 23, 2021

4 Fantastically Fun Fall Ways to Enjoy the Changing Seasons

It’s that time of year—the season of pumpkin spice lattes, lower temperatures, and turning leaves. For most of us, fall is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy a few seasonally specific activities that aren’t always available.

We’ve gathered a list of the top 4 activities that will have you embracing the season and give you all the fall feels you need this autumn.

Visit a Corn Maze

Anyone who tells you corn mazes are for kids is just plain wrong. There’s something undeniably exciting and just a little bit spooky (was anyone else traumatized by the 1984 cult classic film Children of the Corn?) about wandering through an endless field of cornstalks.

Though they seem like an age-old tradition, corn mazes are a recent creation—the first one on record in the United Stated was created in the 1990’s. But modern technology allows farmers to create massive mazes—most take up 4 – 10 acres of farmland (for reference, a football field is approximately 1.3 acres)—that are sure to provide you with a full day of fall entertainment.

Go Apple Picking

If you live in an area where apples ripen in the fall, this activity is a no brainer. There is nothing more quintessentially autumnal than strolling through an orchard with basket in hand and plucking fresh fruit straight from the tree. And be sure to bring a headlamp along (we love our very own LED Rechargeable Headlamp)—they’re perfect for illuminating your surroundings as you pick those last few apples in the dwindling daylight.

Many orchards offer additional activities like hayrides, apple pressing, and food booths with apple-based items. It’s an all-day affair that will likely become a yearly tradition.

Head Out for a Fall Hike

How much do you love the  visible sign of the changing of the seasons? In most parts of the U.S. fall brings brilliant color to foliage and getting out into nature for a day hike is the perfect way to enjoy it.

This article from The Active Times lists the top fall foliage spots in every state, so find a trail close to you and get out there to enjoy the wonders of the season. Be sure to take hiking essentials with you—some outdoor enthusiasts forget must-haves like water or sunscreen because the weather is cooler, and they forgo bringing along a flashlight because they assume they’ll be back by dark. But it’s important to be prepared for unexpected changes in the weather or issues that keep you later than you expected, so take along your “go bag” with all of your essentials, including a light source like our Guardian 1300XL Tactical Flashlight.

Take a Road Trip

Don’t have a corn maze or fall hiking locale near you? Autumn is the perfect time to take the scenic route to an out-of-town getaway.

A quick internet search will bring up plenty of upcoming fall festivals, Oktoberfests, and other seasonal activities. Be sure to take the scenic backroads in lieu of main roadways—sure, it may take longer, but enjoying the fall display is part of the magic.

Whatever activity you choose, we hope you can get outdoors this fall and enjoy all of the fun events out there that celebrate the season.

Happy Fall, friends!



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